Episode 27 – Brent Leslie: Entrepreneurial Local Boy Turned Thriving Business Leader

Episode Summary

Cary Stamp is joined by Brent Leslie, CPA, a director in the West Palm Beach office of Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors + CPAs. Brent is a hometown boy from Palm Beach County who owned a local fishing and seafood business in his teens. The accounting field was next on his horizon, as he evolved into a flourishing CPA and business manager who works with domestic and international clients in numerous industries.

Brent is an authority on Palm Beach County business and leisure life, and has much to share about the area’s exceptional growth and how to run a successful business in South Florida. 

Listen to Brent’s story and learn:

  • How determination and belief bring ideas and dreams to reality
  • The importance of communication
  • How to work hard without creating turbulence in personal life
  • The necessity of being a chameleon when doing business in Palm Beach County
  • How to successfully get involved with the right civic and professional organizations
  • And much more!

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